As part of the inaugural PPAI 100 project, recognition is available to industry firms of all sizes. To participate in one of three recognition categories, all companies must complete a survey, answering the same questions that were posed to honorees in the 2023 PPAI 100.

  • Only current PPAI member companies are eligible.
  • To be eligible for recognition as one of the industry’s fastest-growing companies, survey respondents must submit validating documents such as tax filings and also complete both the responsibility and innovation surveys.
  • An industry faith standard (credit rating for distributors, SAGE rating for suppliers) will be applied for eligibility as one of the fastest-growing companies.
  • If more than one survey is submitted for a company, PPAI will use the more complete result. In the event multiple entries are fully completed, PPAI will use the final submission.
  • The entry period ends on July 31, 2023 at 11:59:59 p.m. (CT).

Not all questions are required for scoring. Submissions will NOT be used to determine PPAI dues. Only 2019 and 2022 revenue data may be reported or shared through the recognition program.

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