Crocs remains one of the savviest brands around when it comes to partnerships, and food has long been one of its major sources of inspiration. This month, the beloved shoemaker revealed two new drops created in partnership with Kellogg’s and Pringles.

Tony The Tiger & Toucan Sam

Fans of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops – or perhaps more accurately, their mascots Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam – can rep their breakfast of choice with a limited-edition shoe collection by Crocs. The launch, announced April 5, also includes special cereal boxes decorated with images of the character shoes and a QR code for fans to redeem a free Kellogg’s Jibbitz charm.

  • The Frosted Flakes Cozzzy Sandal features orange-and-white faux fur lining, with Tony’s signature red bandana as one of the sandal straps.
  • The Froot Loops Classic Clogs feature stripes in the rainbow hues of Sam’s beak, plus a winged outer strap and several cereal-inspired charms.

The mascots have adorned T-shirts and other merch before, but they are new to the shoe game. “Having their own exclusive Crocs and Jibbitz is the perfect way for Tony and Toucan Sam to express themselves,” says Laura Newman, senior director of brand marketing at WK Kellogg Co., “and we’re excited to share that with our fans so they can literally walk in their shoes.”

Other cereal characters from rival manufacturers are already Croc-ified, such as General Mills’ Honey Nut Cheerios bee and Trix’s “silly rabbit.”

The Kellogg’s x Crocs announcement came hot on the heels of a limited release of Frosted Flakes sunglasses by goodr featuring orange tiger-striped frames with light blue lenses and custom cereal box packaging.

Aspiring buyers were invited to sign up at to be notified when the Kellogg’s collection will be available for purchase in mid-June, but cereal boxes bearing the QR codes to claim the free shoe charms (with proof of cereal purchase, of course) are already available on store shelves.

Custom Kicks For Mr. P

Crocs also teamed up with Pringles for a “Croc-Tail Party,” creating flavor-inspired versions of its classic clogs and slides, as well as a new version of its boots ­and a variety of charms. The brand’s mascot, Mr. P – aka Julius Pringles, whose face itself resembles a potato chip – features prominently in the collection.

  • An all-new version of the Classic Crush Boot comes complete with a pop of Pringles red on top of an ankle pocket perfect for keeping a can of the salty snacks close at hand.
  • A limited number of boot buyers will also receive a can of the exclusive Crocs-inspired Pringles flavor, which will not be available in stores (for now, anyway) and is a blend of tangy lime and sweet watermelon with a hint of spicy chili.
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  • The Pringles Classic Clogs feature Mr. P’s iconic mustache as the strap. They are available in four mix-and-match colors, so fans can match their style to their favorite flavors.
  • The black-and-white Pringles Classic Slides also feature the mustache prominently.
  • The collection also includes five Jibbitz charms: a classic Mr. P with red bowtie, a puffy winking Mr. P, a Pringles crips and two different cans of Pringles.

Pringles x Crocs clogs, slides and Jibbitz charms
IMAGE: Pringles x Crocs

The Pringles collection launched at midnight Eastern time on Sunday, April 16. While reactions on social media ranged from, “Wow I need a pair of these” to “footwear that nobody ever needed, wanted, or asked for,” they are likely to sell out quickly if previous collabs are any indication.