Effective employee onboarding has a positive domino effect: it ensures that new hires feel welcome and prepared in their new positions, in turn giving them the confidence and resources to make an impact within the organization, and ultimately allowing the company to continue carrying out its mission.

Yesterday, Promotional Consultant Today shared five tips for on-boarding success from the book, The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins. Today we share five more.

1.    Set up the employee’s workstation before they arrive. An empty workstation is to a new employee what an untidy home is to a houseguest. Before the employee arrives on day one, stock his or her workstation with everything from paper and pens to keys and, if possible, business cards. Make sure the phone and computer are set up, complete with voicemail and e-mail accounts. Leave a copy of an organizational chart, staff list and phone directory on the new hire’s desk.

2.    Schedule one-on-one time to ensure you connect regularly with the new employee. If you can’t do this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, schedule meetings to provide feedback at 30- and 90-day checkpoints, or before a semi-annual review.

3.    Create a balance in the schedule. The first day is always tough. Vary the first day’s schedule by including less formal gatherings between meetings. Arrange for a group of staff members to treat the new hire to lunch to provide a little non-meeting relief and levity.

4.    Clarify and educate the employee on the company culture. Again, to avoid future confusion (or embarrassment), provide the employee with company information, policies-including dress code and tardiness policies-and benefits. If your organization has a new employee handbook, leave a copy on the desk as well.

5.    Think beyond the first few days. After 90 days, request formal feedback on the new hire’s performance from his or her supervisor, and be sure to solicit feedback from the employee as well. Take this opportunity to address any issues of concern as well as note any accomplishments so that all parties are confident that the new hire is poised for success in his or her role.

Source: Michael Watkins is the author of The First 90 Days. He is also a professor at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland, and a renowned leadership transition expert. This excerpt was featured on CareerBuilder.com.