Most everyone can benefit from a little more laughter during the workday. Studies show that laughing can boost your mood and lower stress almost immediately. People with a sense of humor at work also tend to be more motivating and admired by their peers.   

There are many fun and professional ways to embrace lightheartedness at work, from telling an amusing anecdote to including a GIF in an email. In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we spotlight a post from the Indeed editorial team that explains some of the benefits that humor can bring to the workplace.

  1. It strengthens workplace relationships. People start to feel more comfortable around each other when they can laugh together. The Indeed post says humor can also help leaders improve their team’s perception of a difficult task.
  2. It makes interviews less stressful. If you’re interviewing for a job at a new promo company, humor can help lighten the mood.
  3. It encourages people to read emails. The Indeed post says that the likable and friendly tone that humor creates can motivate people to read all the way through emails.
  4. It can inspire more meeting participation. If a meeting feels too formal, it may deter some from sharing their input. Work in some humor, though, and you can make the atmosphere more casual and conducive for asking questions.
  5. It can improve memory of presentations. Want your clients to recall your pitch? The post recommends mixing in a clever or funny turn of phrase. You could even repeat the same funny statement throughout your presentation to reiterate an important point.
  6. It can boost your persuasive abilities. According to the post, humor can increase likability and make negotiation more relaxed. Try beginning a negotiation with a joke or lighthearted statement to show your intention to have a casual discussion.
  7. It builds team unity. It’s a good thing when teams can chuckle over something together. This shows that employees feel comfortable being themselves and they trust each other enough to be real.
  8. It bridges cultural divides. According to the post, humor can be a fun way to build relationships with people from other cultures or backgrounds. Just be sensitive and stay mindful when others may feel uncomfortable.
  9. It attracts new employees. If you’re growing your promo team, humor can help showcase your positive work environment. This can allow you to attract more like-minded employees who want to add to the fun.
  10. It creates a lasting impression. Want to make a meaningful impression on prospects or potential employers? Use humor when appropriate and always make sure you read the room first.

Humor is one of the best ways to bring people together, so make it a regular part of your workday. Whether you want to engage your audience or make a great impression on someone new, you can often win people over by showing your sense of humor.    

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: The Indeed editorial team, which includes writers, researchers and subject matter experts.