Promotional Products Work! Day 2021

PPAI has designated October 20, 2021, as Promotional Products Work! Day. The celebration will reflect the original program’s concept of celebrating the power of promotional products but on a single day instead of over a full week. Throughout the day, PPAI, together with its members and other industry professionals, will actively recognize and promote the value, impact and effectiveness of promotional products — the most memorable form of advertising.

This transition will allow the entire industry to focus its efforts on the one-day event and make a more significant impact. Each opportunity is intended to thank customers; spread awareness of the important role promotional products professionals play in all aspects of advertising, marketing, and business; and promote the power of promotional products.

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PPW! Day Engagement Ideas

Different organizations will celebrate in different ways, but the priority is for all industry businesses to engage with their customers and local community. Here are some simple ideas to start planning.

1. Share Promotional Products Work ads and statistics throughout the day on social channels and in print.
2. Stage an in-person or virtual open house, a meet-and-greet, company tour or lunch-and-learn.
3. Host a customer appreciation day. Bonus: share it online.
4. Personalize products as thank-you gifts.
5. Thank customers on social media.
6. Conduct a live stream on Facebook or Instagram and give a tour of your facility. Make sure to thank customers.
7. Partner with other industry professionals and lead a discussion on Twitter spaces.
8. Show support for a local charity — donate time, products or both.