PPAI RAC Volunteer Award

The PPAI RAC Volunteer Award is presented to a regional association member who has demonstrated an outstanding level of volunteerism, leadership and made other significant and measurable contributions to a regional association.

An eligible candidate must:
1.  Must have been employed (for a minimum of five years) with or retired from a regional association member company in good standing.
2.  May be living or deceased.
3.  Have contributed time and talents to a regional association and served at least one term on a regional association Board.
4.  Must Not be an active member of the regional association staff.
5.  Current members of the RAC Board of Directors and the RAC Advisory Group are not eligible
     for nomination and are not eligible until two years after service is completed.
6.  RAC Board of Directors and/or Advisory Group members are not permitted to make, or second nominations.

Deadlines For Nominations:
Opens April 10, 2017
Closes May 19, 2017

Nomination And Selection Procedure
Nominations for the PPAI RAC Volunteer Award shall be submitted by regional association  members, PPAI’s Board of Directors, committee members and PPAI staff (president, vice presidents and department directors, with input from remaining staff who have frequent contact with volunteers).

Nominations will be screened by Association staff to eliminate ineligible candidates.

The nominations will be forwarded to the RAC Advisory Group who will select the award recipients. The Advisory Group may select up to a maximum of two award recipients each year. It is possible there may be some years when there will be no award winner.

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PPAI RAC Volunteer nomination.

Questions? Contact PPAI Awards & Recognition at Awards@ppai.org, or 972-258-3070.

Need help gathering information?  A reference copy of the entry details will be available one month prior to nomination period opening. This form is only to be used to help gather details and information about the person you'd like to nominate; all entries must be submitted online at awards.ppai.org 

Click here to view The PPAI RAC Volunteer Yearbook

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