PPAI Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Drive meaningful member value 

  • Transform The PPAI Expo from great to extraordinary 
  • Create, engage, recognize and mobilize super users
  • Increase engagement and leverage relationships with the far ends of the supply chain – manufacturers and buyers
  • Develop Knowledge Communities to grow professionalism, target interests and engagement, enhance communication and develop, interpret and deliver collective intelligence and strategic foresight
  • Communicate and engage members through storytelling
  • Elevate the perception of the industry through the Industry Branding Initiative
  • Propagate digital assets to better engage and inform all stakeholders
  • Gain knowledge of member company employees in order to enhance member experiences and services
  • Increase engagement and leverage relationships with adjacent markets deploying a “big tent” mentality
  • Explore association management service opportunities that align with PPAI’s values and mission
  • Develop and deliver best-of-breed business tools to enhance member value
  • Become the authority on the industry research statistics and information 

Goal 2: Advocate for the Industry 

  • Influence favorable legislative and regulatory actions
  • Generate community, awareness and member engagement around and through advocacy
  • Influence favorable perceptions and outcomes with external audiences 
  • Strengthen and exploit PPAI’s global leadership position to drive visibility, cultivate beneficial relationships and create opportunities for PPAI and the membership
  • Elevate the perception of the industry through the #GetInTouch campaign and enable members to carry this message to their customers 
  • Connect with end buyers with a compelling case for promotional products
  • Expand outreach to colleges and universities through education, internships and engagement to make students and educators more aware of the promotional products industry
  • Mobilize all global industry Work Week efforts around a single Work Week charitable event
  • Embrace the five pillars of corporate responsibility: social responsibility, environmental, responsibility, product responsibility, quality control and supply chain security and develop best practices for the membership   

Goal 3: Develop and leverage strategic foresight

  • Identify and track emerging trends with an eye toward member, industry and Association businesses with short, medium and long-term opportunities and implications
  • Identify thought leaders within and outside the industry to cultivate ongoing dialogue and analysis around emerging trends that may affect the industry
  • Develop meaningful and actionable tools to communicate trends, opportunities and threats to the PPAI Board and membership

Goal 4: Manage an Efficient, Progressive and Professional Organization 

  • Invest in and implement best of breed technology to enhance member interactions with the Association
  • Nurture a workplace and volunteer culture committed to delivering best of breed member experiences
  • Develop programs, experiences and engagements that will result in more personalized relationships with members
  • Build and leverage appropriate rapport between legal counsel and the PPAI Board, staff members and association members generally to facilitate efficient and directed communication, outcomes and compliance standards and expectations in and throughout the association
  • Conduct an evaluation of every initiative touch point
  • Continue to evolve the governance structure




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