Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is my PIN number?
A: Each company has a PPAI number, but your PIN is your individual number. This is what we use to track your transcript and education credits. To lookup your PIN, follow the instructions to View Your Transcript—the PIN will appear at the top of the page. Click here for PIN FAQ.

Q: Why are credits from ___ missing from my transcript?
A: Sometimes users have more than one profile in our database. It’s also possible that the attendance roster for that event was transcribed incorrectly. In any case, just email us details at and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.

Q: Can I get MAS/CAS credit for non-PPAI events?
A: When you participate in PPAI events and webinars, credit is preapproved. For third-party events you request MAS/CAS credit for your participation—you’ll just need to submit the appropriate form and request that we evaluate the material. A processing fee will apply.

Q: How do I get credit for the webinar I viewed, or session I attended?
A: After live sessions and some webinars, you’ll be asked to complete a survey—this is what we use to assign credit. If no survey was offered, or you were unable to complete one, just submit a request form and we’ll add the credit to your transcript.

Q: Why is there a fee to request credit for third-party events and books?
A: When you request credit for material that isn’t preapproved, PPAI staff has to evaluate it to determine what credit can be given. We are a not-for-profit organization, and processing fees help to offset the administrative costs associated with the process.



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