Product Safety Awareness Program FAQ's

Everything You Need To Know About The Product Safety Awareness Program

What is the Product Safety Awareness Program?

The Product Safety Awareness Program is part of a larger PPAI initiative to create confidence in promotional products as an advertising medium at every level. In conjunction with Promotional Products Work! Week and PPAI’s End Buyer/User Research, the Product Safety Awareness Program helps position the medium as a powerful and safe marketing strategy. The Product Safety Awareness Program is currently focused on education. As part of the program, all industry companies who want to access the PPAI marketplace through trade-show exhibit space, sponsorships and advertising must obtain Product Safety Aware status. 

Note: Any alternative criteria for qualifying will be determined by PPAI’s Product Responsibility Action Group (PRAG)

How does a company become Product Safety Aware?

Each company must designate a roster employee to serve as a Product Safety Ambassador. The employee must complete four hours of product safety education in order for the company to receive the Product Safety Aware status. 

Required program elements:

Participants may select any additional webinar from an approved list or any live program that is listed as a qualified event:

  • Hazard identification
  • FDA Personal Care Items
  • FDA Drinkware and Tableware
  • Focus on apparel decoration
  • Reasonable test programs
  • Canadian Consumer Product Safety
  • Global supply chain management
  • FTC Guides

Why was the program created?

Product safety regulations are increasing on federal, state and international levels. As a result, PPAI’s PRAG believes it is essential that the industry as a whole recognize and understand the importance of product safety and that every company develop a basic awareness of the importance and requirements of product safety.

While PPAI cannot educate every person in every company in the entire industry, the Association and its members can expect, and require, one person in every company to have a basic understanding of product responsibility obligations.

Is the Product Safety Awareness Program a mandatory program?

It is for any company that wants to gain access to the PPAI marketplace (through trade-show exhibit space, sponsorships and advertising) is required to obtain the Product Safety Aware status.

Is becoming Product Safety Aware mandatory for membership?

It is only required for those companies who are interested in exhibiting at PPAI tradeshows, taking advantage of PPAI sponsorship opportunities or advertising in PPAI publications.  While it is not mandatory for membership, PPAI strongly recommends that all companies make Product Safety Awareness a top priority.

Are distributors required to become Product Safety Aware?

Only if they are interested in taking advantage of PPAI sponsorship opportunities or advertising in PPAI publications.  It is not required for membership or attendance at PPAI shows.

Are there any alternative criteria for obtaining the Product Safety Aware status?

Yes. The following criteria fulfill the basic requirements for obtaining Product Safety Aware status:

  • PRAG membership
  • PPAI Product Safety Summit attendance
  • Primary active QCA compliance contact status (distributors and suppliers)
  • ICPHSO attendance

Note: Any additional alternative criteria for qualifying  will be determined by PPAI’s Product Safety Advisory Group

How much does the program cost?

There is no cost for companies to be identified as “Product Safety Aware”

Who is eligible to become a Product Safety Ambassador?

Any designated employee of a company is eligible to participate in the program.

How many hours of education must be completed in order to receive an ambassador designation?

A minimum of four hours of product safety education must be completed in order for an employee to obtain Product Safety Ambassador status.

How does PPAI provide product safety education?

PPAI provides webinars and live product safety workshops.

How many people in my company are required to be a Product Safety Ambassador?

A minimum of one employee per company is required in order to access the PPAI marketplace.

What happens if my company’s Product Safety Ambassador decides to leave the company?

If your Product Safety Ambassador leaves your company, you may designate a new employee.  The new employee must have completed the required product safety education hours within 30 days  in order to be considered a Product Safety Ambassador and for your company to maintain its Product Safety Aware status.

Must the Product Safety Ambassador receive further education in order to continue to participate in the program?

The Product Safety Ambassador must complete two hours of product safety education every two years in order to continue in the program.

Is the Product Safety Awareness Program a certification program?

No. The Product Safety Awareness Program is a means of validating a particular company has assigned an employee to complete the necessary education hours to qualify the company for Product Safety Aware status.

Are there any additional benefits to being a Product Safety Ambassador?

  • Access to the PPAI marketplace
  • Continuing education
  • The ability to differentiate your company from others in the industry that haven’t taken the step.

The ability to show your company’s commitment to creating a culture in which promotional product companies are not only aware of product safety but engaged, and as result creating confidence in the medium at every level.


When will the program launch?

The program launched this year and will be ongoing . It will be a mandatory requirement for marketplace access beginning at Expo East 2015 in Atlantic City. Companies should designate a Product Safety Ambassador now and begin training in order to have access to the PPAI marketplace by Expo East 2015.

Why should I participate in this program

Primarily because it is the right thing to do. Secondarily to access the PPAI marketplace (trade-show exhibit space, sponsorships, advertising),.

What is a Product Safety Early Adopter?

The Product Safety Early Adopter label indicates that you have completed the required product safety training in advance of the deadline.

How can I become a Product Safety Early Adopter?

By taking the required courses in advance of the deadline, you can become a Product Safety Early Adopter and promote this status in your marketing materials.  In addition you will be recognized in PPAI’s ad campaign.  If you think you may already meet the criteria, contact PPAI.

This information is being furnished by PPAI for educational and informational purposes only. The Association makes no warranties or representations about specific dates, coverage or application. Consult with appropriate legal counsel about the specific application of the law to your business and products.



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