Technology Testimonials

You are a social media aficionado with a toolkit of the latest technologies. You produce viral videos designed to increase traffic to your awe-inducing website.  You are a prime candidate for the 2014 PPAI Technology Awards Competition. Why should you submit your top-notch technology?

Hear from other industry professionals who have been awarded a PPAI Technology Award:

"The addition of PPAI Technology Awards to the award program
  acknowledges the advancements in our industry and the next
  generation of promotional product professionals. To receive
  such honor represents the latest industry successes in mobile,
  video, website and social media technology. The POP Shop is
  proud to have been recognized in the Social Media category."
  —Sonya Beam,  The POP Shop – a division of Geiger

  “I can’t tell you the pride on the faces of our behind-the-scenes technical folks
  after I carried in the four trophies we received at the PPAI Technology Awards.
  As most people know, technology initiatives take monumental efforts in planning,
  design, interaction, testing and changes … and they often go unrecognized.
  To be spotlighted as the absolute best among top-notch suppliers and distributors
  told our team they had indeed succeeded and now, we are blasting this to our customers,
  reminding them that the wonderful service we provide is backed up with leading edge,
  award-winning technology. Thanks for these amazing honors!”
Mary Ellen Nichols, MAS; Director of Marketing Communications



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