.NET Developer

.NET Developer 

Create and maintain web sites and internal applications for the association. You should be able to successfully work with departments to gather requirements, design, and implement solutions that streamline their day to day workflow or provide benefit to our members. Development includes working with Microsoft technologies, servers, and solutions to accomplish the development goals. This includes SharePoint, SQL Server, Microsoft .Net, and Microsoft server Operating Systems.  

Reporting Structure

Title of reporting manager: Director of IT

Department:  IT

 Job Status

FLSA Status (Exempt / Non-Exempt): Exempt

Compensation (Hourly / Salary): Salary

Job Status (Full-Time /Part-Time /Temp): Full-Time

Daily Schedule (Start time Flexible / Not Flexible): Flexible

Work Location: HQ

 Job Discretion

How many people does this position supervise: 0

Does this position have disciplinary responsibilities: No

Does this position have hiring / termination responsibilities: No

Does this position have evaluation responsibilities: No

            Essential Functions and Primary Duties

1.   Create and maintain websites using the latest Microsoft .Net technologies

2.   Create and maintain websites using Microsoft SharePoint server

3.   Create and maintain internal departmental applications

4.   Maintain and extend the association database to accommodate the day-to-day requirements of the different departments and websites

5.   Work with departments on internal projects for the full software life cycle (requirements gathering through implementation/maintenance)

6.   Create and maintain web services that facilitate the needs of our association members

7.   Work with outside developers to coordinate code and software integration for outsourced projects

8.   Work with JavaScript and popular libraries like jQuery

9.   Work with CSS, and HTML documents

10. Balance a heavy workload of projects and work order tickets

11. Possess in-depth knowledge of T-SQL including stored procedures, DTS packages, and query tools

 Secondary Responsibilities

1. Comfortable working with members at the tradeshow and in committee meetings

2. Working knowledge of Photoshop

3. Ability to clearly convey technical information to non-technical users

4. Working knowledge of browsers and compatibility issues

5. Experience working with popular source control systems (Git, SVN, VSS)

 Association Wide Responsibilities & Values (expectations of everyone)

  1. Provide honest and ongoing communication as needed to support success throughout the organization
  2. Meet established deadlines for all projects, reports and communications for all audiences both internally and externally.
  3. Provide high-quality products, reports, communications and projects for all audiences internally and externally.
  4. Be fair, consistent, responsive and supportive of leaders, staff, board members, members and vendors
  5. Help PPAI to continually seek improvement. Be prepared to personally manage changes taking place within PPAI and the industry.
  6. Be empowered, accountable and responsible for your career success, actions, influence and impact upon the organization as a whole.
  7. Foster cultural values, mission and overall organizational guidelines of PPAI.

 Education Requirements

School/Certification Authority

Degree/ Certification

Major/ Minor

4 Year College






 Experience Requirements

Type of Work

Years of experience

Depth of Experience

.Net Development

5+ Years


SQL Server

5+ Years


Web development

5+ Years


 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Years of experience

Depth of KSA’s

Object Oriented Methodologies

5+ Years


Requirements Gathering

5+ Years


.Net development

5+ Years


SQL Server

5+ Years


SharePoint development

3+ Years


 Physical Requirements

*Sitting: Extended

*Standing: Minimal

*Lifting: Minimal

*Pushing/Pulling: Minimal

*Bending/Stooping: Minimal

*Extended work hours, extended weeks (endurance requirement): Light-Moderate

 Work Environment

*Office environment: Yes

*Trade show floor or event venues: Yes

*Temperature controlled environment: Yes

* Travel: Must be able to travel

 Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)

Send resume to: Apply@ppai.org



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