Shared Volunteer Application

This form is to be completed by any Regional Association seeking volunteer assistance from the PPAI Volunteer Community. Requests must be submitted four weeks prior to your project start date in order to allow for outreach and training as applicable. Please consider that PPAI cannot guarantee that volunteers will come forward to assist.

Please note: PPAI can help locate volunteers who meet the criteria of your project as listed above. PPAI will send an initial email or place a call to recruit volunteers for your project. There is no guarantee that volunteers will be able to help due to their personal and/or business constraints.

Request Info
Primary Contact Information For Request
Basic Information
Volunteers from a specific area/city, bilingual, etc.
Volunteer Activity Details
More information lower on this page will be needed for each selection.

Call Campaign Specifics (NOTE: Payment processing, or payment procedures conducted by volunteers are prohibited.)

Event Staff Assistance Specifics
If over multiple days, please enter the day and time.
If over multiple days, please enter the day and time.

Proof Reading Specifics
(evaluate website, check broken links and accurate information, proof content for distribution or communication to members and other audiences, etc.)
Ad-Hoc Project Specifics
(envelope stuffing, assembling packets, etc.)