PPAI Fellows Program


What is the PPAI Fellows Program?

The PPAI Fellows program is designed to recognize and thank influential individuals who have actively supported the industry through personal involvement and to keep them connected if they retire or are unemployed and to inspire more individuals to pursue Fellow status, contributing a culture of engagement, involvement and leadership throughout all parts of the association.

Individuals that meet automatic qualifiers will be identified and recognized during the first quarter of each year. Consideration for Fellows status will be given upon request





Who is eligible to automatically qualify for this program?

  • Individuals who have served five years or more on committee, advisory groups, task forces or boards at the national and/or regional level (consideration will be given for involvement in additional areas if less than five years at the national and/or regional level)
  • Members who have mentored, facilitated or taught multiple education sessions live or on-line and contributing writers in combination with other volunteer activities
  • PPAI board members that have served a full four-year term
  • Recipients of the PPB Volunteer of the Month

Who is eligible to be considered?
Promotional products professionals with a major and productive interest in furthering the industry and whose accomplishments support the objectives of PPAI and meet stated criteria may request consideration for PPAI Fellowship. Professionals must have been employed by a PPAI member company and must have been actively volunteering for a recognized board, committee, action group or task force at the time of the request.





What are the benefits?

  • Personal subscriptions of all electronic PPAI publications and other electronic mailings relevant to PPAI activities and programs
  • VIP access to badge pick up, VIP reserved seating as applicable and an invitation to participate in all volunteer activities at The PPAI Expo.
  • Invitation to the PPAI Leadership Luncheon at The PPAI Expo
  • Entitlement to use the designation of PPAI Fellow. This designation would reflect the professional stature of the Fellow and his or her record of valuable service to the Association and the industry
  • Fellow lapel pin and Fellow badge ribbon at The PPAI EXPO


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