PPAI Grasstops

grasstops (noun) [gras * tops]

-a legislative advocacy program in the promotional products industry where each industry representative maintains a working relationship with their member of Congress.

Thank you for your interest in PPAI's Grasstops Representative program. We are grateful for your commitment to legislative action in our industry.


The name says it all! You are the exclusive top to our industry grassroots legislative programs. Without you we cannot be successful. As a Grasstops Representative you will become personally connected with your member of Congress and their staff. It will be up to you to educate them about the industry and be able to pick up the phone based on our industry action awareness.


This form is designed to tell us about you, your legislative connections and your desired level of involvement. Once you submit your form we will contact you to provide you with the latest Grasstops action email and any additional information that may be helpful to you getting started.


By submitting this form you are agreeing to:

- Receive at least one email per month from PPAI regarding the Grasstops program
- Cultivate your relationship with your member of Congress based on the needs of the industry
- Take action to reach out to your member of Congress at the instruction of PPAI

If at any point you want to be removed from the program send an email to Anne Stone at AnneS@ppai.org.

Please state your interest in connecting with your member of Congress as part of the Grasstops program.
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