Promo’s leading companies move the needle for everyone. They’re the trailblazers that show what the industry is capable of. PPAI 100, now in its second year, shines a spotlight on the branded merchandise firms that are pushing the industry forward.

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PPAI 100 Suppliers: 2024
PPAI 100 Distributors: 2024

Research-backed and statistically driven, PPAI 100 was developed to shed light on what makes promo’s most prominent companies so strong and identify the traits that produce industry leaders. More than just a measure of revenue – although that represents the largest factor in the scoring matrix – PPAI 100 rankings consolidate a range of factors to depict the true measure of a company.

These factors include three-year growth trends and the industry’s faith in a company, tracked through SAGE Ratings for suppliers. Crucial elements for industry progress, responsibility and innovation are taken into account, as well as the strength of firms’ workforces – professional development participation and employee happiness – and each company’s marketing influence through its online presence.

Like the companies it tracks, PPAI 100 has not sat still. Immediately after the reveal of the inaugural PPAI 100 in 2023, PPAI has sought member feedback on the initiative to insure its value and relevance to the industry. For 2024, several meaningful changes to the scoring criteria and rubric have been introduced.

The most meaningful change, however, is that the list size has doubled. PPAI 100 now identifies 100 leading distributors and 100 leading suppliers.
Read on below to see which industry suppliers staked a spot on the 2024 PPAI 100, and click through to each company to see what makes it a strong leader, as well as the categories for which it earns High Marks – a ranking among the best of the best in each scoring category.

Results from the inaugural 2023 PPAI 100 are available here.