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Are you a PPAI member but not a SAGE Subscriber?
Join or renew with PPAI and receive a SAGE Total Access subscription, which includes SAGE Online, SAGE Web and SAGE Mobile.
PLUS your PPAI membership now includes:

  • One comprehensive solution at a cost much lower than other industry subscriptions
  • The power of two—PPAI and SAGE

Are you a SAGE subscriber but not a PPAI Member? 
As a SAGE subscriber, you automatically become a PPAI member.


Not a PPAI member or SAGE subscriber?
Join PPAI today and:

  • Avoid paying for one or more product research tools at up to two times the cost of PPAI membership
  • Stop juggling multiple tools and resources
  • Take advantage of great PPAI member-only savings

For details, call the PPAI Membership Team at 888-426-7724.



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