— I feel as though we have arrived at a place with our new membership in PPAI that will help us in so many areas. I think that PPAI is “looking out” for our industry and offering great things that we need the most, like SAGE Total Access. I am a very loyal client of SAGE and have witnessed firsthand their utilization of client feedback to make their services better for all users. Keep up the good work and I am one satisfied rookie-member, I do not miss the fluff other associations, promise!

— Working in an industry that specializes in hype, I was overwhelmed to find that PPAI and Sage actually out perform their claims! Dealing with your customer service, full line of products, complete training seminars and technical support… it has been an absolute pleasure at all levels. My partner-membership has been the best investment I have made into my own company. The best by far.

— I’ve been a subscriber to SAGE for 10 years, and joined PPAI when I learned about their partnership. I had always considered joining PPAI but had not really done so because I felt that SAGE was of more benefit to me at the time. I  really like the vendor research and product research capabilities of SAGE Online and the way you can pull it all together in a proposal. As far as other PPAI benefits, I will be using the FedEx savings, savings on things like printer cartridges. I have been surprised to learn about all the educational opportunities through PPAI but have not had time to take advantage of this yet.

— We are completely happy with both SAGE and PPAI and would definitely recommend both.

— We are a screen print & embroidery shop that has been in business 16 years. We joined SAGE/PPAI in Feb.  We had over 10,000.00 in sales of promotional products In March.  Great addition of services to our existing customer base, as well as new clients

Very exciting and encouraging for the future of the Association!

This is fantastic news; Way to go!

This will rightly keep PPAI and SAGE at the forefront of the industry.

Just wanted to add my cheers to the storm of kudos that PPAI and SAGE are likely all receiving re. the news of the PPAI-SAGE partnership.
GREAT work. Both SAGE and PPAI have excellent customer service, and have been impressive with continued improvement in services to their respective membership base. Now the two fabulous teams have united in a deal that will work wonders for both distributors and suppliers. With more distributors having access to SAGE Total Access, it will surely mean that more suppliers will sign on as well. I love that I will have more supplier products listed for my buying decisions. Thank you for making this happen.

 This is the ultimate member benefit!

I am certain you and others put in many hours putting this together and as a small business owner this means a lot to me, probably more than even I know at this point. Thank you for this and for everything you do to make me better at what I do and at an affordable price. I am very proud to be a member of PPAI.

 This is a tremendous member benefit that adds additional value to every membership!

PPAI + SAGE. Power of Two. Very important move by PPAI

PPAI and SAGE just hit a home run! 



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