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The PPAI ADvocate Program is designed to train promotional products professionals how to make presentations to business groups about the power of promotional products and the importance of distributors as effective marketing resources. The objective is to educate buyers and potential buyers, and create an awareness of promotional products as a marketing medium starting at the community level. Click the PPAI ADvocate FAQ link below for more information, or review the PPAI ADvocate presentation materials below for the resources you need. 

The winners of the fifth leg of the ADvocate Regional Challenge were announced at the 2010 Leadership Development Workshop during the closing ceremony. The Upper Midwest Association of Promotional Products (UMAPP) was the winner of the association prize with 23 points.

In addition, David Hawes, also of UMAPP, captured the individual prize with 16 points. The sixth leg of the competition started June 28 and will conclude December 27 just prior to The PPAI Expo 2011.

This year, the pressure is on. Board member Joe Scott has challenged each regional to do at least one presentation, and if the total for this segment reaches 400 points, he'll shave his head. So let's get together and make sure Joe's head is hair free come Christmas!

For more information or to participate in the ADvocate Regional Challenge, contact Keith Vincent at


PPAI ADvocate Presentation Materials

ADvocate Training: Sessions 1-3

  ADvocate Self-Mailer

  ADvocate PowerPoint Presentation

  ADvocate Speaker Guide

  ADvocate How To Schedule Speaking Opportunities

  ADvocate Materials Order Form

ADvocate Reporting Form

  ADvocate Speaker Resources

  ADvocate Sample Cover Letter

  ADvocate Speaker Telephone Script

  ADvocate Speaker Evaluation Form

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