Source, Sell, Service More

Here are just a few of the tools PPAI members use to expand their business.

•  PPAI distributor members receive a voucher redeemable for $495 of SAGE products and services. SAGE Online is one of the industry's most-popular search tools. Research over 850,000 products and 4,300 suppliers (accessible to you and your customers on your website), create showrooms full of great ideas, build company stores, and much, much more.

UPIC Directory, and PPAI's The Navigator are both at your disposal. No more turning away business because you aren’t familiar with the products your customers need. No more wasted time spent on the internet or searching through catalogs to find those products. These member tools help you source the products your clients want from the best suppliers in the industry.

• PPAI Credit Services makes first-time orders a breeze and offers complete peace of mind.

The Idea Source is an easy-to-use web bank of nearly 2,000 promotional products campaigns developed by PPAl members and used successfully to grow their businesses.




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