Volunteer Engagement Model

The PPAI Board of Directors in October 2012 approved a motion known as “Self Define,” which eliminated volunteer “Action Groups” and rebranded them as “Committees,” allowing each committee to self-define their mission statements and job descriptions and review them on a yearly basis to ensure they are efficiently and effectively carrying out work that addresses ongoing and essential strategic missions important to the Association, the industry and PPAI members.  The volunteer model still has four components that offer a variety of ways for volunteers to participate and provide value. The four areas of volunteerism are Committees, Advisory Groups, Task Forces and the Volunteer Resource Pool. The four choices reflect PPAI’s understanding that volunteers may wish to be involved for different reasons, as some volunteers are constrained by time and work from participating the same way as others, and that some association projects are strategic and some are more tactical. This new 2012 Board-approved motion to change the volunteer engagement model allows for a more efficient and effective volunteer experience for all volunteers.

To learn more about the four different PPAI volunteer areas, please visit the Discover Volunteer Opportunities 



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