Becoming Product Safety Aware

  1. Check your PPAI transcript at
    • Go to Member Login button (upper right) on
      • If you do not know your login, start with your email address.
      • You can then reset your password if you need to.
    • Login and click Certification Transcript.
    • Don't know your CEU Pin?  Need a CEU Pin.   Additional questions:
    • See if you have any Product Safety Courses already complete.

  2. Go to:
    • Review Upcoming opportunities (live & archived webinars).

  3. Take necessary courses.  (free)  
    • CAS Required Product Safety Basics (60-90 minutes)

    • Prop 65 and State Regulation (60 minutes)

    • Undue Influence Training (60 minutes)

    • Select one additional course.

  4. Upon completion of the program:

      • You will receive notice of credit for the course.
      • You will receive notification of your status and receive the "We Are Product Safety Aware" logos to be used in your marketing materials
      • You will be added to the Early Adopter list on the PPAI website.

  5. Make your plans to attend the Product Safety Summit, Expo & Expo East in the future

  6. Adopt the PPAI Code of Conduct




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