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Texas L.E.A.D. Local Date Announced: March 5, 2015

Over the next five years, PPAI will unroll a local Legislative Education and Action Day where the message of the promotional products industry will be taken to state legislators. During this one day event, PPAI staff will join with industry leaders and regional associations to speak with state legislators about the promotional products industry. It is PPAI's goal to have the regional associations take the efforts forward into the future.

Ohio L.E.A.D. Local- September 9

Pennsylvania L.E.A.D. Local- June 17

Email Seth Barnett at SethB@PPAI.org to get involved.

PPAI's L.E.A.D. Local 5 Year Outlook

2014- 2 State Visits: Pennsylvania and Ohio

2015- 4 State Visits: Texas, Washington, and California

2016- 6 State Visits

2017- 8 State Visits

2018- 10 State Visits



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