Promotional Products Work

To help raise awareness and compete with other advertising media, PPAI developed a new campaign that uses a simple message and icon to communicate the benefits of promotional products to buyers.

The campaign goals are simple: Create a unified message that explains the power of promotional products, and provide a practical icon that the entire industry can display on materials presented to buyers, marketers and advertisers.

The result: the Promotional Products Work! logos presented below.

PPAI asks industry professionals to advance the power of promotional products by speaking with one voice. Repeated exposure will help end buyers learn that promotional products allow them to stand out and be noticed with affordable, long-lasting and measurable results.

JPEGS can be downloaded here (right-click and save as). Adobe eps files are also available below each jpg.

Adobe .eps version of the above logo available here.

Adobe .eps version of the above logo available here.

Adobe .eps version of the above logo available here.

How to use the Promotional Products Work! logo:

For Suppliers: Catalogs and sales literature, websites, sample hang tags, sample boxes, envelopes, donated promotional products that include the logo

For Distributors and Sales Reps: Below e-mail signatures, catalogs and sales literature, e-mail blasts, websites, catalogs and sales literature, letterhead and envelopes, stickers (to go on samples and literature provided by suppliers that have not included the logo)

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