Millennial Leadership

Alumni Connect
Are you a collegiate alumni? Tell us where and connect with fellow industry alums.

Millennial Shout-Out

A call to action from PPAI Board Member and proud Millennial Brittany David.

SMARTER Goal Tracker
From Millennial Leadership, a way to plan out future success.

Seven Tips To Boost Your Higher Education Experience
From PPAI's Promotional Consultant Today, a thoughtful look at ways to expand on present and future higher education.

How Millennials Can Prepare For Today's Workforce

The difference between a job and a career could be how you approach this situation.

Overcoming The Great Divide
What those in the Millennial generation can do to overcome the perception of them as a generation of underachievers. 

Millennials At Work
Research conducted by PWC that looks at key components about engaging the Millennial generation. These include salary expectations, work space adaptations, preferred business sectors, and organizational performance. It also looks at the global marketplace and how each nation's generational shift is having an impact on business. 

Millennials Selling To Boomers
Five skills Millennials need when selling to those in the boomer generation. 



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