Engaging The Millennial

Alumni Connect
Are you a collegiate alumni? Tell us where and help spread the message of our industry to the next generation.

What is your Next Generation IQ?

A short quiz that will identify your company's understanding of the new market and help you to tailor PPAI’s diversity development tools to meet your needs.

Get To Know The Millennials
PPAI research about common misconceptions pertaining to this generational group.

Attracting Millennial Talent: Campus Recruiting
Campus recruiting is great place to begin the recruitment process for filling internships and open positions.

Attracting Millennial Talent: The Hiring Process
The hiring process is one of the most overlooked aspects of obtaining new talent. Learn what you can do to update your hiring abilities.


Case Study: Graduate Training Scheme
London based Outstanding Branding shares information about a graduate training program.

Below are same internship job descriptions that can help to develop an effective intern program.

Distributor-Marketing/Sales/Advertising Intern Job Description

Supplier- Marketing/Sales/ Advertising Intern Job Description

Supply Chain Management Intern Job Description

External Resources:
The 2015 Deloitte Millennial Survey
A business survey that looks at the growth and involvement of the millennial generation. This figure-driven survey looks at the gap between the millennial's in the workforce and all other generational groups.

Prepping For The Millennial Workplace Invasion
Over the next decade the millennial generation will make up the majority of the U.S. workforce. This info graphic presentation looks at how to maintain business as usual  through this shift.

Customer Service Secrets For Millennial Customers 
The millennial customer is connected, involved and personally aware of a product's perception. This article looks at simple solutions to selling in a new market.

How To Reduce Employee Turnover 
Retaining millennial talent is one of the most difficult components of the generational divide. Through a well established hiring process and standardized best practices, any company can compete in retaining young talent. 

Marketing Strategy For Recruiting
Improve your recruiting with employee stories. 



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