Social And Environmental Compliance


Social Compliance 

Environmental Claims Summary of the Green Guides
This guide will provide you with a summary of the Green Guides, information for business and legal resources related to environmental marketing.

Product Safety, Social & Environmental Best Practices 
This guide will provide you with direction and clarity in assessing and meeting product safety, social and environmental compliance challenges with self-assessment tools, best practices, checklists and frequently asked questions.

FTC Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides guidance to marketers to help them avoid making misleading environmental claims. The Green Guides help businesses better align product claims with consumer expectations.

A Green Guide
Green is not a trend. Green is not a fad. The earth's resources are limited and it is up to everyone to preserve and protect them.

Product Safety and Social Responsibility Presentation 
Learn more about international labor standards and environmental and social expectations with this comprehensive presentation.


A Green Guide  -November, 2008
Green is not a trend. Green is not a fad. Regardless of personal opinion about the cause of global warming, that fact is that the earth's resources are limited and it is up to everyone to preserve and protect them. 

Five Barriers To Going 'Green'
In the promotional sector, most suppliers and distributors report that the general demand for “green” products has waned. While interest may have dropped, there is still a thriving and growing market in this niche space. In fact, marketplace trends paint a quite different picture. 

Taking Green Into The Black 
Since the explosion of the eco-friendly movement just a few years ago, the call for green items in the promotional products industry is heard more loudly than ever.

Green Without Trying
Industry marketers are reevaluating existing products and finding “green” gold.

California Transparency In Supply Chain Regulations
California has put new regulations in place designed to combat slavery and human trafficking.

Straight To The Source
A distributor committed to ethical sourcing shares how she helps eco-conscious brands stay true to their cause.

Talking Trash
A promotional products buyer and waste-resource manager shares her buying strategy and preferences.

Environmental Lessons For Dummies
Suppliers throughout the industry are now using what some say is the ultimate eco-material.

Raising The Bar On Corporate Social Responsibility
These days it’s common to visit a company’s website and read something about its commitment to corporate social responsibility. But what does corporate social responsibility—CSR for short—mean anyway?

The Ultimate in Good Taste
Astor Chocolate focuses on reducing its carbon footprint with its unique combination of tri-generation and solar usage. It’s one of only a few manufacturing facilities in New Jersey that provides 100 percent of the factory’s electricity consumption through alternative and renewable energy solutions.

Live And Online Education

Go Green FTC Regulations and Beyond
Learn all about the revised Green Guides that were published October 1, 2012 in this presentatin by Julia Wright, MAS.

Going Green Guidance Webinar
What is green? Join Anne Lardner-Stone and Julia Wright, MAS in a 60-minute webinar that will define green and review the federal regulations regarding green marketing claims.

PPAI Product Safety Summit
Explore the product-safety, green and social compliance issues currently impacting the promotional products industry, as well business implications and challenges associated with compliance.

Webinar: Over Coming Barriers To Going Green
Presentation: Over Coming Barriers To Going Green

Webinar:  CPSIA: Focus On State Regulations
Presentation:  CPSIA: Focus On State Regulations

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