PPAI Supplier Star Award


You’re on The 2016 PPAI Supplier Star Ballot, Now What??


It’ time to rock that vote! 


Get your distributor customers to cast their vote for you.  PPAI has provided sample emails, Facebook posts, company tweets, and graphics for you to use when contacting your customers.


Voting Ends September 30, 2015!


2016 PPAI Supplier Star Awards Voting Site: awards.ppai.org



Sample E-mail for Your Customers


{Insert Customer Company Name}


{Insert your company name} is always dedicated to your continued success.  We pride ourselves in providing you with what you need, when you need it, on time and on budget.  It’s very important to us that we provide you with superior customer service and quality products—so you can fulfill your promise to your clients.


If you feel we’ve accomplished that goal, that we’ve consistently exceeded your expectations, we’d be delighted to receive your support for the PPAI Supplier Star Competition, as honor that recognizes PPAI Supplier companies for excellence in customer service and product and decorating quality.


To vote for us for this prestigious honor, simply visit awards.ppai.org.


Thank you in advance for your support and for allowing us to be your partner in business, in success.


{Your Name}


{Company Name}



Sample Facebook Status Updates


Keep your name top-of-mind with your customer for the PPAI Supplier Star Competition—use the sample posts provided below to promote it on Facebook.  The more you promote, the better your chances to win!!


Post 1:  Attention Distributors—{Insert Company Name}needs your support!  If we’ve provided you quality product and imprint and superior customer service too; then go to awards.ppai.org to cast your vote for us in the 2016 Supplier Star Competition.  We appreciate it!!


Post 2:  Hey Distributors, we know you want to provide the best possible service for your clients—our mission is to make that happen.  Have we accomplished our goal?  Please show us by casting your vote for us for the 2016 PPAI Supplier Star at awards.ppai.org.  Thank You!


Post 3: Hey Distributors!  Have we provided you with superior customer service?  Have we delivered your products on time and on budget?  If the answer is “Yes”, then please go to awards.ppai.org to cast your vote for us for the 2016 PPAI Supplier Star!  Thank You!



Sample Company Tweets

Is your customer on Twitter?  If so, make it work to your advantage.  Promote your PPAI Supplier Star eligibility to your loyal customers.  Here are a few sample tweets to use, just copy and post!


Tweet 1:  Do you think we deliver top-notch customer service? If the answer is yes, we’d love a vote in the 2016 PPAI Supplier Star Competition!  Visit awards.ppai.org



Tweet 2:  Do we always exceed your expectations? If so, we’d greatly appreciate your vote for the PPAI Supplier Star Competition.  Go to awards.ppai.org and vote today!


Tweet 3:  Are you a happy customer?  If the answer is yes, we’d be honored to have you vote for us in the 2016 PPAI Supplier Star Competition!  Go to awards.ppai.org now!




Don’t forget the obvious!


Make the most of every opportunity to grab your customer’s attention!


Add a graphic button or header and link to the awards voting site to emails and invoices.


Mention the 2016 PPAI Supplier Star vote in your phone greeting and provide the voting link.


Follow-up each call with an email to distributor clients reminding them to vote!



Promote the vote with these great graphics!

(To use the images below: right click the image and select Save As)







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