PPAI H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award

The H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award is presented to PPAI members who have shown long-standing empathy, devotion and commitment to improving quality of life and bringing about change for the betterment of a community. This tireless volunteer has exhibited exemplary devotion and volunteerism to non-profit, civic, charitable and/or educational organizations committed to the needs of the communities they serve.

Eligibility And Deadlines
An eligible candidate must:
1.  Be employed by or retired from a PPAI member firm in good standing.
2.  Have been employed for a minimum of five years with one, or more PPAI member firms.
3.  Not be a current PPAI Board Member, or member of the award nominating committee.
4.  Not be employed by, or receiving any compensation from any of the charitable/non-profit/civil organizations listed
     in the nomination form.

Deadline For Nominations:
Opens March 1, 2017
Nominations Close April 21, 2017

Nomination And Selection Procedure
Nominations for the PPAI H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award shall be submitted by Association members, PPAI’s Board of Directors, PPAI council, committee and action group members and Association staff.  The Association’s Manager of Awards & Recognition will screen all nominations to confirm the eligibility of candidates. All nomination forms will be verified by the nominee for accuracy.

Eligible, verified nominations will be forwarded to a nominating committee who will select a proposed award recipient to be presented to the PPAI Executive Committee for final approval. Each nominee will be evaluated on the basis of his/her significant (not exclusively monetary), long-term and dedicated support to a variety of organizations. The nominating committee may decide not to forward a nomination if a suitable nomination is not received; it is possible that there may be some years when no recipient is named.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall consist of four independent judges to include a past PPAI Distinguished Service Award Recipient, past or present Board member of the PPEF Board, a Board member from a non-profit or charitable organization and a member from a civic organization. A PPAI Board Liaison will be named and will vote in the event of a tie. Only one recipient will be named per year. Nominations may be carried over for one year on recommendation of the Nominating Committee. Committee members will rotate as requested, but will serve a minimum of two years.

A personalized award will be presented to the recipient along with a $500 donation to be made in the recipient’s name to the non-profit organization of his/her choice. This presentation will be made at a suitable industry event. Additionally, the recipient and his/her designated charity will be featured in a PPAI publication.

Click here to begin the PPAI H. Ted Olson Humanitarian nomination.

Questions? Contact PPAI Awards & Recognition at Awards@ppai.org, or 972-258-3070.

Need help gathering information?  Click here for a reference copy of the nomination form. This form is only to be used to help gather details and information about the person you'd like to nominate.

Click here to view The PPAI H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award Yearbook

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