PPAI Pyramid Award

The PPAI Pyramid Award recognizes the outstanding, creative use of promotional products by distributor members in a variety of client programs and campaigns.

Eligibility, Deadlines And Entry Fee
1.  Competition is open to PPAI member distributors and industry-recognized regional associations.
2.  Promotional products campaigns/programs must be developed and conducted between July 1, 2016 and July 15, 2017.
3.  Entry must be a single program utilizing at least one, or more imprinted promotional products either exclusively, or in conjunction with other media.  Please note:  A program is not a collection of promotional products with the same imprint unless they are part of a strategic campaign.
4.  Program must have a clearly defined objective, definable execution and reportable results.
5.  Program write up should include the budget established by the client.
6.  Program must have measurable results that directly relate to the stated objective of the program.
7.  Program must have a client/sponsor letter to attest to the results of the program.
8.  Entry fee and return shipping charges must be paid in full at time of submission.

Deadline For Program Entries:  
Opens on May 30, 2017
Competition Closes July 14, 2017
All Entry Materials Due to PPAI - July 28, 2017

Entry Fee

$50 per entry (PPAI members only)

Submission Requirements And Instructions
**Please note submission requirement changes

1.  Select the category that best defines the program, or audience. If necessary, judges will move entries at their discretion to a more appropriate category without penalty.

2.  Complete the online entry form. All entries must be submitted via online entry form no later than July 14, 2017 with all entry materials shipped to be received no later than July 28, 2017.

3.  Print the online confirmation page to include with completed program write up and samples.

4.  Provide a written description of campaign. Please follow the sample format and provide thorough and concise answers to key questions. Sample of the entry worksheet, write up and client letter.

    • Description must not exceed one typed page in size 10 font, or larger.
    • Description must NOT contain the individual submitter’s name, or company name. Entrant identification is NOT permitted in any form.

**5.  Client letter must be submitted with completed program write up and campaign samples.

    • Client letter should NOT contain the individual submitter’s name, or company name.
    • Points will be deducted if client letter or campaign samples are not submitted.

6.  One sample of each imprinted promotional product(s) should be submitted with completed write up and client letter. Points will be deducted if product samples are not submitted. Samples should be in perfect condition and must not be mounted, framed, or in any way modified for the entry presentation. Copies of letters, electronic communications, screenshots and other supporting collateral should be included at time of submission.

7.  Shipping:  Please package all copies of letters, screenshots, electronic communications, support materials and samples in one shipment. Entrants are responsible for all shipment, postage, customs clearance and insuring valuable entries against loss, or damage.

    Ship to:
    PPAI Pyramid Award
    3125 Skyway Circle North
    Irving, TX   75038-3526 

8.  Samples become the property of PPAI and will not be returned unless the return request is indicated on the entry submission, a shipping account number is provided and $10 handling fee is included at the time of submission.

* Please note all Distributor Self-Promotion and Regional Creative Achievement campaigns should be submitted into the PPAI Image Award Competition.

Business-to-Business Programs:  Includes programs to introduce products, services, or facilities, or to generate leads, sales appointments, attendance with a specific target audience, or a general businesses marketing campaign to businesses, not individuals.

Consumer Programs:  Programs to improve sales, or introduce products, programs, or services specifically to consumers. The type of activity should be measurable, but does not need to be revenue-specific and should include a quantifiable audience, or element of participation.

Diversity and Social Responsibility Programs:  Campaigns designed to communicate development, involvement and commitment of an organization, company, government, or individual to enhance sensitivity, knowledge and understanding of an ethical, ideological and voluntary social obligation and accountability for the overall impact of the various ethnicities and cultures within a company or social environment. 

Educational Programs:  Programs to promote attendance, or participation in an educational event, seminar, or training program that facilitate instruction and specific learning outcomes; event can be live, or online.

Employee Incentive Programs:  A program designed to change behavior, generate involvement, incent achievement of goals, or desired behavior with a specific award, or incentive for achievement of the defined goal by the defined employee audience.

Goodwill Programs:  Programs that include a goal to improve company image, to enhance customer perception, or raise awareness with a focus on communication of services, or programs without specific incentive.

Health/Wellness Programs:  Campaigns with messaging specific to a communication, launch, invitation, etc. and information, programs and services specific to health and wellness activities. Target audience is open.

Internal Communication Programs:  Programs to employees, volunteers, or members promoting, or communicating information without incentive. The focus is messaging, or drawing attention for new programs, special events, goals, behavior, morale, or involvement. Key element is “without incentive” to an affiliated audience such as employees of a company, or members of an organization.

International Programs:  Programs and campaigns that creatively demonstrate the use of promotional products across multicultural audiences. Write up must include description of audience and any special considerations that were required—i.e., unique customs, or traditions to be included, or omitted.

Not-For-Profit Programs:  Programs designed to increase participation for not-for-profit groups/organizations, programs, or activities specific to volunteer, or employee recruitment, fundraising, or donation/donor programs.

Political/Legislative Programs:  Programs designed to stimulate awareness, participation, or donations related to elections, awareness campaigns, petitioning, political action committees, or lobbying activities in city, county, township, school district, or state, or national political arenas.

Recycling/Green Programs:  Campaigns designed specific to renewable, or recycled activities, events, or product and services. Target audience is open.

Sales Incentive Programs:  Programs with targeted audience of employee sales staff, external sales force, dealers, franchisees and retailers for the purpose of growing prospect, or customer base and increasing sales, or distribution, launching new product, or general visibility.

Tradeshow/Exhibit Traffic Programs:  Programs designed to increase attendance, or participation at/in special events that do not include an educational focus and that are held live, or online.

Promotional Programs Developed as a Result of a Distributor/Supplier Collaboration:  Programs must be a result of an idea/concept for the creation of a new, or unique product to meet the direct need of the client. Both distributor and supplier will receive recognition during the PPAI Awards presentation. 

  • Letters from the client and supplier are required.
  • Supplier letter must confirm the product specifications and its uniqueness.

A judging panel made up of outside experts and the Awards & Recognition Action Group will judge each category based on the criteria and points values listed below. In order to guarantee impartial judging, the distributor name must NOT appear on the description pages, or any other accompanying labels, or stationery.

All submitted entries are judged individually based on how well they deliver the required elements. Points will be deducted if client letter, or product is not received.  Member companies do not compete against each other, but earn points solely on the merit of their own entry.


  • Planning to concept:  1–10 points
    Organized fact finding; establishment of clearly defined objective, budget, audience and timing. 
  • Effectiveness of execution:  1–10 points
    Thorough copy and theme development with organized campaign that is strategic in messaging, delivery method, timing, continuity and branding elements.
  • Appropriateness and creativity of product:  1–10 points
    The appropriate and creative application of product and messaging selected and delivered in a creative way for the intended audience.
  • Results:  1–10 points
    Reported results are confirmed in the client letter and should include as many specific and measurable criteria available. Performance and results must be tied to the original stated objective. Additional benefits, or positive results should be included and will be considered.

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Questions? Contact PPAI Awards & Recognition at Awards@ppai.org, or 972-258-3070.

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