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Through the ages, the flame has been the symbol of knowledge and learning, providing the creative spark for future growth and development. The promotional products industry has grown and prospered because of the creative spark and dedication of many, but there are some individuals whose selfless efforts and devotion to the industry are monumental. It is these individuals to whom PPAI gives permanent recognition through induction into the Association's Hall of Fame.

An eligible candidate:
1.  Has made significant contributions to the promotional products industry and to his, or her community.
2.  May be living, or deceased.
3.  Cannot be a current member of the PPAI Board of Directors, or the Hall of Fame Advisory Group.
4.  Must be off the Board for three full years before being eligible as a Hall of Fame nominee. The waiting period is reduced to one full year if the nominee served in a Board-appointed position filling a Board vacancy, or an at-large position.
5.  Must be off the Hall of Fame Advisory Group for four full years before being eligible as a PPAI Hall of Fame Nominee.
6.  Must not have been honored with the PPAI Distinguished Service Award within the past two years.

Deadlines For Nominations:  
Opens on March 1, 2017
Closes on April 21, 2017

Nomination And Selection Procedure
All Association members are eligible to submit a nomination. Nominations may be made online at PPAI Awards.

Members of the Association’s Board of Directors and the Hall of Fame Advisory Group shall not be permitted to make nominations, or second nominations to the Hall of Fame.

Nominations will be screened by the Association staff to eliminate ineligible individuals. All eligible nominations shall be forwarded to the PPAI Hall of Fame Advisory Group to select and send a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors.

No more than half of the candidates may be posthumous nominations. Induction to the Hall of Fame shall be by ballot vote of the Board of Directors. Only "no" votes are to be cast. Negative votes by more than 40% of the eligible Board of Directors will be considered as a rejection of the nominee and that person will not be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Those candidates for the Hall of Fame who are not selected by the Hall of Fame Advisory Group will automatically be reconsidered for the next two years (a total of three years) by the Advisory Group. After that period of time, if the individual has not been inducted, he/she will need to be nominated again by a member before being reconsidered.

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Need help gathering information? Click here for a reference copy of the nomination form. This form is only to be used to help gather details and information about the person you'd like to nominate.

If assistance is needing gathering information in relation to PPAI Service please contact Awards & Recognition staff at (972) 258-3070 or via email at christinas@ppai.org 

Contact PPAI Awards & Recognition at Awards@ppai.org, or 972-258-3070.

Click here to view The PPAI Hall Of Fame Yearbook

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