PPAI Distinguished Service Award

The PPAI Distinguished Service Award is presented to PPAI members who consistently contribute their skills and expertise toward the betterment of the Association. Through volunteer service, or by offering their leadership to PPAI, these are members who generously give the benefit of their energy, time and enthusiasm to the Association. Nominations may be submitted by PPAI’s Board of Directors, committee members, Association members and Association staff.

Eligibility And Deadlines
An eligible candidate must:
1.  Be employed by a PPAI member firm in good standing.
2.  Have been employed for a minimum of five years with one, or more PPAI member firms.
3.  Have contributed time and talents to PPAI in at least three areas of involvement.
4.  Not be a Hall of Fame inductee, or current PPAI Board member.
5.  Must be off the PPAI Board of Directors for two years to be eligible.

Deadlines For Nominations:
Opens March 1, 2017
Nominations Close April 21, 2017

Nomination And Selection Procedure
Nominations for the Distinguished Service Award may be submitted by Association members, PPAI’s Board of Directors, committee chairs, committee members and Association staff (president, vice presidents and department directors, with input from staff who have frequent contact with members).

Nominations will be screened by Association staff to eliminate ineligible candidates.

The nominations are forwarded to the Hall of Fame Advisory Group who selects the slate of proposed award recipients to be presented to the Executive Committee for final approval. The group may select up to three award recipients each year. It is also possible there may be some years when there are no award recipients.

Click here to begin a Distinguished Service Award nomination.

Questions? Contact PPAI Awards & Recognition at Awards@ppai.org, or 972-258-3070.

Need help gathering information? A reference copy of the entry details will be available for download one month prior to nomination opening. This form is only to be used to help gather details and information about the person you'd like to nominate.

PPAI Distinguished Service Award Yearbook   

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