Industry Collaborator Award

This award celebrates a technological achievement by a PPAI Member Company (Distributor, Supplier or Business Service Provider) that brings the industry closer together to achieve greater efficiency, information sharing or collaboration. A key individual contributor may also be recognized from the organization.  This could be between Supplier/Distributor directly or involve a Business Service Provider.

2017 Nomination Entry - opens in March


An eligible candidate must:

  1. Be a PPAI member company in good standing or employed with a PPAI member company. 
  2. Not be the PPAI Technology Committee Chair or member of the PPAI Board of Directors. 
  3. Be nominated by someone in a management role at a PPAI member company.
  4. Be able to demonstrate ROI to the business or the industry
  5. Have showcased their work as technically innovative**
  6. Have implemented their work between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016 (2017 nomination entry criteria)

**Technical innovation does not need to be a brand new technology. It could be an interesting twist on existing code-base or infrastructure

Deadline for Nominations - 2017 dates TBD

    Nomination Process

    Nominations for the Industry Collaborator Award can be submitted by any PPAI member company.  A company or a group of companies collaborating on the same project can be nominated.  An individual from each company can also be recognized as a key contributor.  Note:  The PPAI Technology Committee Chair and members of the PPAI Board of Directors are not permitted to be nominated, or to make nominations.

    Nominations are screened by the Association staff to eliminate ineligible entries. All eligible nominations will be judged by a Technology Awards Advisory Panel made up of industry professionals. A maximum of two award recipients may be selected each year. It’s possible in some years there will be no award winner.  In cases where multiple companies have been named or key contributors have been named, all companies and individuals recognized will receive awards.


    Recognition will be held at the PPAI Technology Summit on Date TBA in Austin, TX.  Award recipients are expected to attend the Summit to receive the award and have the opportunity to share a presentation of the innovation with attendees in greater detail.  If the nominee is unable to attend, they can submit a video presentation instead.

    For questions please contact PPAI Awards & Recognition at, or 972-258-3070.

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