Registered Attendees

2015 Attendees
Michelle Anspaugh, NEXT Products
Allyson Kosko, Gemline
Amanda Clay, MAS, Walker-Clay, Inc.
Amanda Baughman, HIT Promotional Products
Amelia Madl, DistributorCentral, LLC
Anita Emoff, Shumsky Promotional
April Clark, Polyconcept North America
Ashlee Duerr, BIC Graphic, USA
Becky Beck-Marshall, You Name It Specialties
Beth Walker, Paperclip Promotions
Beverly Walter, MAS, Brown and Bigelow
Bille Walchek, SAGE
Brenda  Collins, Innovative Management Solutions
Brittany David, SnugZ USA
Carrie Sabo, CAS, American Ad Bag
Cathy Miller, MAS, Geiger
Chris  Ford, HUB Pen
Christine Lovell, MAS, ASI
Christine Philbin, Napco Media
Cindy Smith, Brown & Bigelow
Dale Johnson-Cornell, Dale B. Johnson Associates
Dana Floyd, SAGE
Danielle Robillard, AAKRON Rule Corp.
Darlene Hajduk, MAS, ProLine Supply Co
Dawn Olds, HALO Branded Solutions
Dawn Ruler, MAS, Cedric Spring & Associates
Deanna Cross, CarCross Company, Inc & Business Incentives
Deb  Lipsett, Charles River Apparel
Debra Hoerl, Gill Studios, Inc.
Denise Graff Ponstein, American Ad Bag
Diane Kamego, MAS, TDG Creative
Eileen Lynch, BIC Graphic USA
Felicia Caramat, Bambams
Heather Clay, Walker-Clay, Inc.
Jacque Martin, MAS, Brown and Bigelow.
Jamie Ondrejko, MAS, Geiger
Jamie Watson, CAS, Certified Marketing Consultants, Ltd.
Janet McMaster, MAS, Geiger
Jansen White, SAGE
Jessica Hutwelker, MAS, Sunrise Identity
Jill Stirnkorb, CAS, BIC Graphic USA
Jo-an Lantz, MAS, Geiger
Joanne Luu, Sweda
Joanne Schamberg, Promotional Solutions, Inc.
Joe'l Bastien, Alpha Broder
Judy Richardson, The Allen Company
Julie Strob, Hit Promotional Products
Karen Cohen, MAS, All In One
Kate Plummer, Clearmount Plastics Ltd
Katherine Zych, Ariel Premium Supply
Kathy DiFrancesco, SnugZ USA
Kathy Schneider, Prime Resources
Kati Payne, Shumsky Promotional
Kayleen Clover, Gemline
Kelley Roos, Polyconcept North America
Kendra McDougal, MAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Kerri Harkness, HALO Branded Solutions
Kim Brockschmidt, Gemline
Kim Reinecker, MAS, Starline USA
Kimberly Beaudin, MAS, Geiger
Kristy Marker, CAS, Cintas
Lacey Lee, AAKRON
Lara Gryder, Crown Products
Laura Brewer, CAS, Ariel Premium
Laura Holt, MAS, Geiger
Leanne Finney, Polyconcept North America
Leigh Joseph, Alpha Broder
Leslie Roark, IP, PromoPros
Lisa LeMond, CAS, Polyconcept North America
Lisa Parker, MAS, MASI, American Ad Bag
Lisa Shayne, HIT Promotional Products
Liza Sachs, HALO Branded Solutions
Loretta Goodwin, Production Creek, LLC
Lori Bauer, BIC Graphic USA
Lorrayne Mancari, MAS+, Geiger
Lyssa Roberts, Paperclip Promotions
Margie Price, MAS, Premiums Plus Incorporated
Maribeth  Sandford, CAS, Bagmakers, Inc.
Mary Blondell, Stahls
Mary Dobsch, MAS, The Chest Inc
Mary Grimm, Stahls'
Mary Jo Beschta, AIA Corporation
Mary Jo Tomasini, CAS, CE Competitive Edge, LLC
Megan Sears, MAS, BIC Graphic USA
Meghan Roan, CAS, Walker-Clay, Inc.
Michelle Peebles, MAS, Walker-Clay, Inc.
Michelle Stiles, Americanna Company
Monica Peremba, BIC Graphic
Nancy Jolly, In Stepp Marketing
Nancy Shaffer, Polyconcept North America
Nicole Riffe, Innovative Management Solutions
Nikki Meester, Ball Pro
Patricia Dugan, MAS, Budgetcard Inc.
Patty Conyers, Gill Studios, Inc.
Paula Lauer, Stouse, Inc.
Paula Shulman, CAS, Prime Resources
Peggy Dixon, CAS, Gemline
Phyllis Jones, HALO Branded Solutions
Phyllis Mutnick, BASI, ASI
Renee Jones, MAS+, A Creative Touch, Incorporated
Rhonda Reilly, CAS, Pilot Pen
Roni Wright, MAS, The Book Company
Rosalind Leonessa, Peerless Umbrella Co.
Rosalind Plummer, MAS, Clearmount Plastics Ltd
Rosanne Webster, SnugZ USA
Ruth Verver, CAS, Paperclip Promotions
Samantha Brown, CAS, Talbot Marketing
Samantha Kates-Gotlib, Charles River Apparel
Shanda Trulove, Specialty Incentives
Shannon Tragesser, Bambams
Shari Mitchell, CAS, Cintas
Sharla Elscott, MAS, The Vernon Company
Sharon Willochell, Trimark Powered by  Leed's
Sherri Lennarson, MAS, Having Fun Promotions
Stefani Berkey, The Advertising Specialists of Maine
Susan Lewandowski, Powerweave LLC
Susan Young, HALO Branded Solutions
Suzan Bolski, MAS, Anything Goes Promotions
Sydra  Newell, SnugZ USA
Tammy Cernuska, Cotton Candy
Tayla Carpenter, I Promote U
Teresa Eberling, Hit Promotional Manager
Teresa Moisant, Moisant Promotional Products
Teri Cragle, SAGE
Tiffany Tarr, DistributorCentral, LLC
Tonya Forer, AIA Corporation
Vicky Tirpack, Promo Marketing

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