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PPAI’s Product Responsibility Summit—formerly Product Safety Summit—draws professionals from across the promotional products industry each for education on pressing product safety issues and unparalleled access to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and its leadership.

The talk among attendees was how they continue to toughen the requirements for the suppliers and factories they do business with, and the education they’re providing to their coworkers. What a sea change for an industry that had almost zero compliance professionals just five years ago. Thanks to PPAI, our attendees shared best practices, were treated to guidance by senior leadership of the Consumer Products Safety Commission and tutorials from many of the most esteemed compliance and sourcing experts in the nation.
Rick Brenner, MAS+, president of RFBrenner, LLC

The PPAI Summit is a great resource of information when it comes to current governmental requirements on product safety. We also want to hear from other sources about different views concerning product safety so we can make good and well-informed decisions as a company.” She adds that the company views product safety as part of the life cycle of a product. “We take this subject very seriously and it is another service that we provide to our clients and the entire marketplace.
Joanne Molina, Vice President of Operations and Procurement, DARD

I feel like the quality of the experts this year was through the roof. The content was amazing and the notebook to take home is appreciated every year. I would highly recommend this event to anyone in the industry.
Teresa Fang, Director of Supply Chain Management, Jetline

Summit provided a high level of interaction with some of the top product safety experts in the U.S., including the chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The dual focus on product safety and social responsibility provided added value to those attending and presented clear road maps for organizations to follow, and the Summit was an excellent opportunity for distributors and suppliers to share ideas.
Susan Kowelman, Vice President of Special Projects, GatewayCDI

On a daily basis, we work with a lot of high-profile accounts and it’s important to maintain testing protocols to ensure compliance, and to be able to come into a facility like this and see firsthand how those protocols are being tested has been very informative. It helps me get a visual of how the tests are run and the types of machinery and equipment used. And to speak to the different engineers and lab techs, and get insight on what they’re looking for and what they’re looking at is huge.
Troy Jones, Vice President of Operations, Stellar Imports

The knowledge and experience of the presenters is unparalleled in the industry. I always learn something at this event. The members of the CPSC who spoke shed a bright light on regulations, policies, and politics as they relate to our industry. Also, the binder alone is worth the price of admission.
Richard Massey, Regulatory affairs Manager, SnugZ USA

If anything was apparent at this year’s Product Responsibility Summit, it was how the compliance practices required for success in our industry at the highest level have changed drastically in just a few years and how they are continuing to evolve very quickly. A show of hands indicated that almost all of our 180+ attendees have the word ‘compliance’ in their job title.
Rick Brenner, MAS+, president of RFBrenner, LLC

The PPAI Team did an exceptional job (again). Everything was top-notched and the hard work behind the event was shown in every detail. Even the bus to the restaurant (due to rain) was a special, last-minute touch that exemplifies the PPAI attention to details. Good job by the entire team.

Having CPSC commissioners coming in to talk to us really hit home for me.
Kim Laffer, Director of Strategic Development, Motivators, Inc.

Hearing about the real life experiences of suppliers and distributors with regards to specific compliance issues, especially with recalls, really gave us a lot to think about with regards to our program

I was very impressed by the caliber of the speakers and their content. It was totally applicable to my business needs.
Susan Kowelman, Gateway CDI

The social compliance theme and the specific reference information is really valuable.
Kippie Helzel, VP Sales, CPS/Keystone

It was a good balance of technical and actual experiences. I think people tend to have better focus on these types of experience rather than data unload.
Shamini Peter, Axis Promotions

My experience at the PPAI Responsibility Summit was extremely positive. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to attend on behalf of Proforma as I am new to the company and new to the promotional products industry. After speaking with several of my suppliers over the phone, it was so nice to finally be able to put a face with a name and make some great new contacts as well. The sessions were interesting and informative, and I will be able to take that knowledge back to my organization and put it into practice. Chairman Kaye’s panel was my favorite and I feel honored to have been able to take part. I truly cannot wait for my next PPAI show as I will look forward to seeing all of these wonderful people once again.
Rachel Meyer, Promotional Products Specialist, Proforma

Great opportunity to hear experts on topics and discuss content with industry colleagues.

This year’s Summit was exceptional. The content was fresh, practical and sophisticated. I think everyone who came took home some key points for use back at the office.
Joe Cade, Vice President and General Counsel, BIC Graphic USA

What a great event this year’s Product Responsibility Summit was in Bethesda. PPAI is a true leader in creating and fostering all things regarding product responsibility for both suppliers and distributors; the resources and tools your association provides to the industry are exceptional.
Julie Herb, Material Manager, Hub Pen Company

The most valuable information I took back from the conference was the binder and all of its contents.

I really liked the way PPAI changed the flavor from product safety to product responsibility.
Zane Morton, The Magnet Group

We have a good CSR program in place but it was really valuable to hear how other suppliers are handling the practicalities etc. Also plenty of ideas gained for improving/tightening up our efforts, and good insight into the future.
Nigel Pearce, Bagco Ltd.



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