MAS/CAS Study Guide

Are you in need of a tool to help you pass the MAS or CAS exam? If so, PPAI has the perfect tool to help you achieve that goal. This comprehensive study guide has all of the information you need to know to not only pass the exam, but also to attain a great deal of knowledge about the industry. Most certification programs offer similar study guides for hundreds of dollars. This comprehensive guide is priced with your interests in mind.

PPAI Member Price: $39.99
PPAI Nonmember Price: $59.99

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Inside the MAS/CAS Study Guide you will find:
• Program overviews
• What to expect on the exam
• How to prepare for the exam
• Key concepts explained (such as Marketing Plans, 4 P’s of Marketing, Pricing Codes, and Sales Cycle)
• Suggested courses for further study
• Helpful hints and formulas

"I USED THE CAS STUDY GUIDE AS MY PRIMARY SOURCE FOR PREPARATION FOR THE EXAM.  The guide itself was very useful from the standpoint that there were many new things in it that I had not previously been aware of and these came in very handy to answer several of the questions on the exam.  I would recommend that anyone preparing for the exam be very knowledgeable of the things recommended in this study guide". -  Geiger Associate



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