Alexander K. Symms, Sales Management 9/10/13

Alexander K. Symms

3413 Cypress Village Dr. Pearland, Texas 77584 •


Impressive proven track record of accumulating and maintaining a multi-million dollar client base for almost a decade in a quick and ever-changing consumer electronic technology industry.




1995-1997 Kilgore College:  Emphasis General Studies

1997-2000 Stephen F. Austin State University:  Emphasis: International Business

2001-2002 University of Houston: Emphasis Political Science


Sales Management Experience


Sales Manager - Solution Based Polymer & Olefins Chemical Removal

Perigee Solutions International LLC.

May 1, 2013 - Present

Dickinson, Texas

  • Modernized and streamlined Perigee's solution and services to increase opportunity and exposure through the continental United States along with international presence in Russia, Saudi Arabia, and South America.

  • Evaluated and transformed Perigee's sales & marketing plan to reshape the company image to build a stronger foundation with a key focus on service, innovation, and process safety standards.

  • Set performance goals and standards that helped stimulate our communication effectiveness, focus, and accountability with both our house accounts and potential opportunities.

  • Educated potential customers on Perigee's solution to implement innovation into their process equipment application to ensure downtime was kept to a minimum,  process safety standards were followed, and process improvement were obtained.

  • Coordinated and maintained client relationships with plant managers, process engineers, maintenance managers, and research chemists and most of the largest chemical processing manufacturing sites in the country; such as LyondellBasell, Shell, Chevron Phillips, Formosa, Bayer Material Science, Celanese, Dow Chemical, Exxon, Kuraray and many others within the gulf coast region.

  • Demonstrated a leadership mentality as a single point of contact between all clients and Perigee.  In addition, communicated the needs, concerns, and technical information between all parties which improved our communication platform and reduced response time between Q & A.

Southeast United States Regional Sales Manager

Microlan Integration | KTI Networks | KTI Promo

July 2003 - May 2013

Houston, Texas - (Top Annual Revenue: 5.53M)

  • Visionary leader and inventive thinker which helped slingshot sales revenue from $880K to $5.53M in a short 3 years through effective implementation of innovative sales techniques and a fully adaptive aggressive attitude.


  • Led industry workshops and seminars and spoke at multiple supplier keynote talks at industry shows and distributor meetings; which both educated and reconfirmed my leadership role in the technology industry.  Also, responsible for receiving multiple awards in every year starting in 2003 to 2013 in both PPAI and ASI industries, being one the most decorated in the advertising specialties industry.


  • Accountable for overseeing over 2000 distributor accounts and networks including: PPAI (PPAF | CAMP | GAPPA | GCPPA | PPAMS), ASI, SAGE, Distributor Central, and other regional associations in the southeast United States including:  WV | VA | NC | SC | GA | FL | TN | KY | AL.


  • Conducted and directed sales and awareness training programs for distributor sales associates and front-line personnel, which increased annual sales over 400% in a multi-year period of time in a depreciating cost product line.


  • Able to maintain a multi-million dollar profile while dealing with weekly, and sometimes daily, pricing changes in products with emphasis in consumer electronic niche(Computer Accessories | Desktop Items | OEM & ODM custom projects).


  • Worked with and managed Chinese & Taiwanese IPO relationships ensuring quick and logistical delivery for both domestic and international projects.


  • Dual-Industry Experienced dealing with innovative consumer electronics in the Promotional Products Industry, while also maintaining and expanding a separate line in computer fiber hardware FTTH|FTTO|SOHO (Switches | Routers | Media Converters.


  • Served in a variety of editorial, marketing, product development, and senior executive roles.



  • Developed and provided business strategies for KTI and led product development and marketing teams in the creation in collaboration of KTI online, KTI in print, and KTI in the face of distributors and other buyers nationwide which aggressively combines revenues of over $20 million.


  • Provided major strategic reviews and consolidation techniques for products and services during the economic downturn starting in 2009 that brought a significant stabilization of market share at KTI and ensured risk was at a minimum level.


  • Managed distributor relations who in turn service such large accounts as ConocoPhillips, Technip, SubSea7, Chevron Phillips, ExxonMobil, Petrobras, Marathon Oil, Shell, LyondellBasell, Anadarko, and hundreds of other Fortune 1000 companies.


Honors and Awards


2003 | 2005 ASI Spirit Award Winner
2005 ASPA Grand Prize Award Winner
2006 | 2007 | 2008 | Best of Business Award Winner
2007 Supplier Excellence Award
2007 | 2008 | 2010 |  ASI Counselor's Distributor Choice Award
2008 | 2009 ASI Counselor's Product Design Award
2008 | 2009 | 2011 PPAI Supplier Achievement Award
2008 | 2011 PPAI Supplier Award of Merit
2012 PPAI Gold Supplier Star Award
2012 PPAI Most Creative New Product Award
2012 PPAI Custom PVC Drive Award


Software & Skills


Typing Skills | 60 WPM+

MS Office (Word | PowerPoint | Excel | Access | Publisher)

MS Outlook

Corel Draw

Abode Illustrator 10 - CS4

Adobe PhotoShop Elements


Quickbooks Pro

Microsoft Money

ASPX | HTML 4.0 | .NET | PHP Proficient



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