Rick Mouty, Board Candidate 2013

Rick Mouty

TSC Apparel (S11) and WearMagic (S07)


Cincinnati, Ohio 

Years in the Industry: 12

PPAI Involvement:  PPAI Technology Competition judge; trade shows

Other Industry Activities: Counselor Top 40 Supplier; ASI Power Summits; ASI trade shows

Non-Industry Business, Professional and Community Organizations:   Neighborhood homeowners association

Nonprofit Community and Business Organizations: Roger Bacon High School board of trustees; Marvin Lewis Community Fund; A Kid Again Foundation.

Non-Industry (other markets) Experience:  Prior to entering this industry, I spent 10 years in a senior leadership role with a Dallas-based management consulting firm whose clients included GE, ITT Industries, Ingersoll Rand, Caterpillar, Hamilton Standard, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Out of college, I worked for Motorola Inc. in Schaumburg, Illinois

Other Business Experience: Business/product/market strategy; organization behavior, lean manufacturing; Six Sigma

Personal Information/Hobbies: Married to Jennifer for 26 years. Father to four sons ranging from 25 years old to 20 years old: Jake, Beau, Connor & Griffin. Hobbies include boating and golfing.

Education Background: Miami University, Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

Industry-Related Question:

PPAI’s board will continue to reduce in size between now and 2016 when there will be a total of 11 voting board members. As a member-driven, board-directed, staff-managed organization, it is essential that we remain engaged with a growing membership and a smaller board will require changes to how it gathers and disseminates information. How do you propose the board remain in touch and engaged with members? How will you measure your success in this area at the end of your board term? 

Technology needs to be the centerpiece of group communication.  I would promote the use of a CRM software to capture information on and correspondence with membership. I would attempt to personalize information sent to a member (vs. a typical one-size-fits-all blast). I would engage various types of social media platforms for collaboration including linkedin.com. Blogs are another great way to reach the masses…people love them, especially when content is deemed relevant and informative!

There is one way and only one way to gauge success…that is by actively capturing feedback via Voice of the Customer tools. And to clarify, this is not just feedback on something that was done but, more important, getting input on what should be done.

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