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PPAI Lifetime Member Registration for the PPAI Expo 2017


The PPAI Expo 2017 will be held January 8-12 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. As a lifetime member, you are entitled to two (2) complimentary tickets (this includes one ticket for you and one ticket for a guest) to any of the education sessions or networking events put on by PPAI at Expo.


To register for the show and for your choice of events you have two options:


Option 1 – Download, complete and return the Expo Lifetime member registration form and we will complete your registration for you.  You can return the form to Lisa Beck at PPAI via email at or via fax at 972-258-3004.


 PPAI Expo Lifetime Member Registration Form


Option 2 - You may go to Register Today!


With each option you will need your Lifetime Member number which has been provided to you by Lisa Beck via email. You are only able to register yourself and one guest with this number.


If you have any questions about your registration, please feel free to contact Lisa Beck at 1-888-426-7724, ext 3069 or Diane Shearer at ext 3022.


We look forward to seeing you at the PPAI Expo in January 2017!


PPAI Lifetime Members

Carol D. Aastad, MAS
James T. Albert*
Charles L. Andes*
Vincent J. Arena, Sr.*
Horace K. Atkins*
Dan Bagley III, Ph.D., CAS 
Peter D. Biffignani, MAS
Herbert Huse Bigelow*
Leonard J. Bray*
Stan Breckenridge, MAS*
Robert Burnham, CAS*
Willis M. Bywater
James Y. Canfield*
A. Phillip Carney, MAS
Almand 'Bo' Carroll*
Gene P. Cesario, MAS*
Barry J. Chase, CAS
Charles L. Chelstrom, CAS*

Fred O. Coble, CAS*
Maurice W. Cohn*
Margaret Custer-Ford, MAS
Bob Davis, CAS
Collins T. Dawson, CAS*

Richard G. Ebel
N. Donald Edwards, CAS
Eric E. Ekstrand, MAS+
William S. Epstein, CAS

Fran Ford Jr., CAS
Russell B. French
Harry J. Friedman*
Frank A. Geiger*
Raymond A. Geiger, CAS*
Joe Geneser
Martha Sanders Gennett, MAS
Carl Gerlach, MAS
T.R. Gerlach*
Forest P. Gill *
Mark S. Gilman, CAS

Robert B. Golby, CAS*
Wayne L. Greenberg, MAS
Herman F. Grotte*
Edward Halperin*
Ernest Hazel, III, CAS*
Lorraine Hempen, CAS
George L. Herpel, Ph.D.*
John G. Hiles, Sr.*
Harold Holland
Glen R. Holt, MAS, CIP*
H. Wingfield Hughes, MAS
Mark Jenkins, MAS+  
Edward E. Johnson, MAS
Dick Kaeser

Joe Ketterer*
Paul Kiewiet, MAS+
Robert B. Lederer, CAS
Don Lafferre, CAS*
David P. Lage, CAS
Paul M. Lage, MAS
Jo-an G. Lantz, MAS

Sherri Lennarson, MAS
Michael Linderman, CAS
Stanley V. Linham, CAS*
Joseph G. Lipic, Sr., MAS
Ralph C. Loder*
Harold A. Lufkin* 
Dean C. Mathews*
George C. Matteson, Jr., CAS*
Richard H. McCleery*
John McNeer
Jasper Freemont Meek*
Steven Meyer
Ann Morrissey-Roelfs, CAS*
Thomas D. Murphy*
Jack Nadel
H. Ted Olson, MAS*
Edmund B. Osbourne*
J. Howard Pecher, Sr.*
Samuel E. Polk

Kurt Reckziegel
H. Wayne Roberts, MAS
Robert C. Rollings, MAS*  
Ford Thomas Rose, MAS*
Harry S. Rosenberg, CAS
Carl E. Rosenfeld, MAS*
Emmett D. Ross, CAS
Max Scharf, CAS*
William W. Schwartz, CAS*
C. Ronald Schwisow, CAS
Russell M. Searle*
Joseph M. Segel
Jay Sadler Shaw*
Jay F. Shaw*
Sidney X. Shore, CAS*
Scott Siegel, MAS

Marc Simon
Marshall Sipkins*
Danny Sirmon, MAS
Stephen E. Slack*
G. Stephen Slagle, CAE
William H. Slike
Marvin Spike, MAS*
Norm Stern
H.D. "Joe" Stratton, MAS*
Warren Tynes*
William F. Vernon, Jr., CAS
William F. Vernon, Sr.*
Robert A. Waldorf, CAS
Charles A. Ward*
Benjamin S. Whitehead*
Russell H. Woodlief *
David Woods, MAS
Michael M. Woody, CAS
Charles B. Wright, Sr.*
Larry Wright, CAS*
Robert E. Yaw*

 * - Deceased



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