Jon Levine, Board Candidate 2013

Jon Levine

The Image Group (D08)


Holland, Ohio

24 years in industry

Industry Activities: Ohio Promotional Products Association (OPPA); Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) donor; North American Leadership Conference (NALC); PPAI Product Safety Summit; Current president of the PeerNet Group; Awards & Recognition Association (ARA)

Non-Industry Business, Professional and Community Organizations: Mercy Health Partners Board (Hospital chain, $4 billion revenue); past president, Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo, past president, Make-A-Wish Foundation of NW Ohio

Nonprofit Community and Business Service: United Way of Greater Toledo

Non-Industry (other markets) Experience:  Board member of Douglas Company, a general contractor in Florida and Ohio

Other Business Experience:  Owner of food processing company; member of WPO; former executive in the steel distribution industry.

Personal Information/Hobbies:  Married 32 Years to Arleen; two sons, Stephen, age 29, and Jason, age 27. Hobbies are music, reading, travel, golf.

Education Background: Arizona State University, BS accounting

Industry-Related Question:

PPAI’s board will continue to reduce in size between now and 2016 when there will be a total of 11 voting board members. As a member-driven, board-directed, staff-managed organization, it is essential that we remain engaged with a growing membership, and a smaller board will require changes to how it gathers and disseminates information. How do you propose the board remain in touch and engaged with members? How will you measure your success in this area at the end of your board term? 

 We have a diverse organization, representing suppliers and distributors. The majority of our members are very small organizations, the type that benefit greatly from the services and education we currently offer. Providing value across the spectrum of small to large suppliers and distributors requires a complex system of compiling useful information to direct the organization. We need and emphasize that membership is not only a product giving access to valuable resources, but also a responsibility to contribute to the health of our industry. We need to leverage our regional associations to reach these members. I would consider strong regional associations and growing PPAI membership to be the measurement of success.

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